Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership and Management for Health and Social Care


Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership and Management for Health and Social Care is designed to enable learners to develop a sound understanding of tools, techniques and models to practice at the operational and strategic level of any care organisation. It combines management theories with leadership practices for learners who are new to the profession or working professionals who are seeking personal and professional development in their related profession.

Throughout this course, you will be able to engage yourself in the role required of an effective manager to develop and implement a strategic plan; develop, manage and lead human resources; promote healthcare products and services; work as an entrepreneur to bring change and implement innovative management processes for a project and to lead the organisation as a competitive leader.

Course Structure

There are six units to complete in this course. Each unit has 20 credits.

  1. Strategic Management for Health and Social Care Managers
  2. Strategic Leadership for Health and Social Care Managers
  3. Managing and Leading Human Resources
  4. Strategic Marketing for Health and Social Care Managers
  5. Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  6. Research Methods

Entry Requirements

Learners must fulfil the following criteria to gain admission to EBMA programme:
  • EBMA Graduate Diploma in Health and Social Care Management OR
  • Bachelor Degree from a recognised university in Health and Social Care or equivalent

Additionally, applicants must have two years work experience at managerial or supervisory level.


Modules are typically assessed by individual assessment.
Assessment involves investigative assignments to meet the assessment criteria detailed within each unit.
Each unit contains 100% marks based on one assignment of 3000-5000 words.

Fees Information

EBMA only charges registration fees from the centre that includes quality assurance of assessment and  certification.

Support and Training

Qualification specification includes all elements and requirements with respect of each of the details that apply to the qualification. Qualification specification is useful document for students, centres and centre staff. Please download the qualification specification from the following link:-
   Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in Health and Social Care Leadership

Career Development

Learners who undertake this qualification are already employed in practising or in managerial roles within health, social care, voluntary or community sector organisations.
Postgraduate diploma in health and social care management is an excellent opportunity for learners who would like to enhance their career prospectus in health and social care policy, leadership and management.  

University Pathways

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