Get your CPD Training Accredited

CPD Training Accreditation

Centres are responsible for the delivery and assessment of their CPD training.

We accredit CDP training to ensure that the centre has the necessary resources and meets our comprehensive criteria, which leads to an award. These criteria include

  • People Resources (Qualified staff to deliver, assess, and quality assure CPD Training)
  • Premises or online platform checks to ensure learners get the maximum benefits out of the CPD course
  • CPD Training, title, aims, objectives, hours required to complete and a clear outcome of the training
  • Certification – A layout of the certificate. This can be discussed with EBMA.

If you are an employer, training provider, vocational, further or higher education provider and would like to deliver your training to meet the professional development accreditation criteria, then follow the steps below:-

Step 1

Contact us at to mention the number of trainings you have and want EBMA to accredit them.

Step 2

We will send you the training accreditation form, guidance and price.

Step 3

We will review your application and inform you of our decisions.

Step 4

If successful, we will send you a Centre Approval Notification with EBMA Accredited Logo to display in your centre.

Time Period
We normally acknowledge within same working day of receipt of your enquiry and provide decision of centre approval within 15 working days subject to availability of necessary evidence provided by centre and visit report by EBMA Officer/s.

After Recognition

We provide with following facilities to our approved Centres –

  • We will add your training in our database and provide you details of how to register students with us so you can timely claim certification (usually within 24 hours of the claim submission);
  • Training sessions for your staff members to become ‘Qualified Assessor’ and ‘Qualified Moderator/IQA/Verifier’ with regulated qualification;
  • Continuous Help, support and advice.
  • You will be advised to use the EBMA Quality Mark to confirm the CPD Accreditation

Pay for Our Admin Service to Provide Centre Approval!

Did you know ?

  • You can get unlimited CPD Training Accreditation with EBMA Accreditation as a Quality Mark.
  • We encourage all applications to be sent to us by email, although we do accept postal applications. Our postal address is EBMA, Sheraton House, Castle Park, Cambridge, CB3 0AX