Replacement Certificate

Replacement Certificate

EBMA issues Replacement Certificate in the circumstances set out below;

  • An individual has lost the original certificate;
  • An individual has damaged the certificate;
  • There are errors in the certificate.
  • There is change in Learner’s legal name.

Requests for the replacement certificates can be made by the centre or learner on the Replacement Certificate Form.

Centre Requests
If the request for a Replacement Certificate is due to an error in learners’ name, date of birth, and/or result; the request must come from the centre where the course of study was undertaken.

Learner Requests
Whether you have either lost or damaged your certificate, you must submit a request directly to EBMA in writing by completing the Certificate Replacement Form.

Applicant must –

  • pay for replacement certificate,
  • complete and sign the Replacement Certificate Form provided in this wepage and
  • send us all documents, as required in the Replacement Certificate Form, by post to ” EBMA, Sheraton House, Castle Park, Cambridge CB3 0AX UK ”

Please contact us for more information.

Pay for Replacement Certificate!

Time Period

It will take us upto 28 days to produce Replacement Certificates from the receipt of completed signed application. Please note EBMA will not prioritise any application

Did you know ?

Any Replacement Certificate issued by EBMA will be marked by the word ‘Replacement’ and carry the date of the re-issue of the certificate.