Why Choose Us

Quality Assurance
Our systems, processes and framework for the design, development, delivery and awarding meet the relevant standards.

Highest standards of qualifications
Our qualifications are designed and developed using rigorous processes to the highest internationally recognised standards and regulatory requirements. We regularly consult with employers, learners, centres, and associated stakeholders in all phases of our qualifications lifecycle to meet their needs and to ensure the qualifications validity.

Relevant, respected and valuable qualifications
We provide the best, relevant, respected and valued qualifications in which all of our learning objectives meet the latest National Occupational Standards for employment.

Creativity and Innovation
Our qualifications reflect creativity and innovation elements as compared to traditional qualifications to meet the market needs of the 21st-century.

Regulated Qualifications
Our vocationally related qualifications from Level 3 to 8 in Business Management sector are accredited by Qualifi as regulated qualifications and they have met all the compliance requirements of Ofqual’s General Conditions of Recognition and have been made available on the UK’s Regulated Qualifications Framework.

University Progressions
Our qualifications provide competitive and definite routes towards Universities degree programmes. Our programmes are recognised by the many UK and Overseas universities for advanced entry onto their final part of degree programmes. Please see University Routes

Flexibility and Convenience
Learners can study on a part-time or full-time basis giving our awards the flexibility to fit around the lives and careers of our learners. Our units/modules are designed in a progressive manner to allow learners to transition from one set of skills to the next smoothly.

Competitive Pricing
We are committed to offer fair and reasonable pricing in education and provide excellent value for high quality awarding.

Facilities for Recognised Centres

We provide our Centres with –

  • excellent customer services;
  • comprehensive qualification specification to facilities tutors, assessors, learners and associated stakeholders;
  • Centre Handbook to help in understanding our requirements for a recognised centre;
  • Online Web portal to register learners, verify assessment and claim certification with built-in more than 50 ad hoc reporting for monitoring and review purposes;
  • training sessions for your staff members to become ‘qualified assessor’ and ‘qualified moderator/IQA/verifier’ with regulated qualification; and
  • help, support and advice on an ongoing basis.

Facilities for Learners

  • excellent customer services to deal with their enquiries and appeals.
  • Complete qualification specifications as well as continuous support and guidance to learn modules and cerform assessment.
  • facility to directly register with us before or during studying in our approved centre.
  • online learning through our E-Learning System.
  • online registration and certification verification.
  • Certificate attestation.
  • university admission facility, especially with MBA Advanced Entry, top-up degrees.
  • continuous help and support.

Approved Qualifications for Funding
Our vocationally related qualifications from Level 3 to 6 in Business Management sector are approved by the Student loan Company (SLC) for Advanced Learners Loan.