Enquiries and Appeals

Enquiries and Appeals

In this section, we deal with your enquiry or appeal in the following circumstances:-

  • to enquire about results of assessments;
  • to enquire about decisions on Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations;
  • to enquire about decisions and any actions to be taken following a malpractice or maladministration investigation.

You can only appeal if you are dissatisfied with the outcome of enquiry.

Please note that we will –

  • Acknowledge all enquiries within 5 working days after receipt of necessary documents/evidence.
  • Do all necessary checks and reply to any enquiries within 15 working days of receiving an Enquiry.
  • Accept an Appeal from an individual Learner or a Centre after the Enquiries process has been completed.
  • Acknowledge an appeal within 5 working days after the EBMA Appeal Form and the fee has been received at EBMA’s office.
  • Investigate the Appeal and reply with the outcome within 20 working days.

As a learner, it is your responsibility to read, understand and follow your centre enquiries and appeals policies or related documents in the first instance before contacting us.


Appeals must be made within two calendar weeks of receiving the malpractice decision.