Learner Registration

Learner Registration

Our qualifications are only delivered by our approved centres. Registration is a process where a learner intends to complete units towards the achievement of qualification. We look forward to welcoming you as a registered student of our qualification.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are a ‘registered candidate’.

Who are registered candidates?
You are a registered candidate only if:-

  1. EBMA allocates you a unique registration number
  2. And your registration information is verifiable online.

How to become a registered candidate?
If you are not a registered candidate, you should consider yourself as ‘High Risk’ category learner with lots of disadvantages as compared to Registered Candidate. Therefore, you should register yourself as soon as possible by submitting Registration Form and supporting documents to EBMA. Follow simple steps:-

  1. Pay for Registration of the relevant qualification that you wish to study
  2. Download      Learner Registraton Form
  3. Complete all sections and submit to info@ebma.org.uk

Can I get registration via my study centre?

Yes, your centre is fully authorised to register you with EBMA. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are a registered candidate and your registration details are verified online.

Transferring your registration to another approved centre
Only registered candidates can transfer their registration from our existing approved centre to another approved centre without paying extra registration charges. However, your new provider can charge tuition fees for that particular course. Please note that request for transfer must be made in writing to EBMA.

NOTE: If you are recruited and enrolled by an approved centre on EBMA course. That does not mean that you are a ‘registered candidate’.  You can only be known as ‘Registered Candidate’ if you meet Registered Candidate Definition (point 1 and 2) as stated above.

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Did you know ?
Registered candidates will be allocated ” EBMA Candidate Number”. Make sure you retained ‘EBMA registration number’ all the times for any correspondance.