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Avoiding Plagiarism in your work
When writing up your projects, assignments or an essay, it is important for you to provide details of various books, journals, articles etc. that you have consulted. To do this a formal referencing system is required – Harvard is the preferred method for EBMA.

Applying, analysing, criticising or quoting other people’s work is perfectly reasonable and accepting providing you always:-

  • Attempt to summarise or restate another person’s work, theories or ideas and given acknowledgement to that person. This is usually done by citing your sources and presenting a list of references. OR
  • By always using quotation marks to distinguish between actual of the writer and your own words. Once again, you should cite all sources and present full details of these in your list of references.

Learners should reference evidence in assignments in the following situations:-

  • To inform the reader of the sources of tables, statistics, diagrams, photographs and other illustrations included in your assignment.
  • When describing or discussing a theory, model, practice or example associated with a particular writer; or using their work to illustrate examples in your text.
  • To give weight or creditability to an argument supported by you in your assignment.
  • When giving emphasis to a particular theory, model or practice that has found a measure of agreement and support amongst commentators.
  • To inform the reader of the sources of direct quotations or definitions in your assignments.

Please write us on info@ebma.org.uk to obtain guidance of our policy regarding how to avoid Plagiarism and how to reference your work.

Registration with EBMA
Our registration section will help you about how to register with EBMA. Please ensure that you are registered with EBMA before the commencement of your study at an EBMA approved Centre. You cannot study at that centre which is not recognised by EBMA to run its qualifications.

Further Study Options after EBMA
Our Universities webpage will provide you an opportunity for you to take admission onto University degree programmes.